Aargh! Homemade patterns…

Inspired by this seasons new show, the Fashion Show, I have been starting to design my own clothing. I began with a pattern draft for the upper body, it fit PERFECTLY. With help from my handsome partner (love you hunny, xo), I was able to get the darts in the right place. I have since tried making two different sun dresses. The first one thwarted me, because during the initial stages of sewing I realized that the fabric I used had more ‘give’ in one direction over the other. Creating the issue of expanded lines. Granted the dress turned out incredibly comfortable, it just was highly disappointing in the aesthetic fit.
The second one, I am half way through, and have had to stop before I set it on fire. I do not want to modify the base pattern draft, but would like to see all the styles I can make with it before I move onto different cuts. All the darts and tucks are perfect, but I wanted to make it have a double lining for the bodice…. What is thwarting me is sewing the neck and arms eye and then turning it right side out…. it is a continuous turn, I just can not seem to get it all the way righted. It is really making me feel a little defunct!
I also realized that I really don’t like what the original pattern does to the fabric. Since I have a somewhat simplified form of a hourglass as a body shape, the breast darts equal 3. It seems to butcher the fabric, which starts to make me not enjoy what I am making! Luckily I am using fabrics that I have been scoring at the local thrift shops! So I am not so heartbroken. I do believe it is best to forgo my original idea of making as many styles off the original pattern draft and move onto the next step and making modified pattern pieces which allow the originality of the fabric to stay intact.
But first I will have to conquer the 2nd sundress, just to show myself that I can not be intimidated by necklines. LOL.


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