Transfering Patterns or designs to embroidery

A word on transferring designs. I truly enjoy applique and embroidery, especially Celtic and Nordic knotwork. These designs can be truly breathtaking and complicated. So I wondered how to transfer these intricacies to fabric form without having to use transfer chalk (which wears away way to quickly), washable pens (which don’t always wash away), permanent markers, basteing stitch, or overhead projectors.
What you need:
1. the pattern/design you want to replicate, and the size you want. Do not use original peices, always make a copy.
2. tulle (if you use a light colored one, you can use it on both light and dark fabrics.)
3. Sharpie, wide tip
4. masking tape
Now take the tulle, lay it over the design, use the masking tape to tape the tulle down (it likes to travel). Trace your design or pattern, all lines, avoid blacking in mass areas. When done, remove masking tape and lift up the tulle, file away your paper design/pattern for later reference.
Now lay the tulle over the fabric you plan on using, you can see your outline perfectly. Now you can use disappearing ink pens or pencils for the design. Or you can be OCD like me, and not mark up the fabric, but pin the top two corners of your design to the base fabric. Now start your embroidery, flipping the tulle up and down as needed… kind of like a physical counted cross stitch.

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