Who Is this Ursula, anyways?

Hello and welcome,

My name is Leana, aka Ursula, and I am just an average everyday girl with a passion for devine design.  I am currently a couch participant in the world wide organization of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA),  my area of interest is 10th century Norse.  Thus my nickname, and yes I answer to it!

My first semester of college, oh so many years ago, I was snagged on clubs day and introduced into the wonderful world of medieval reenactment.  Not Ren faire, but true reenactment.  As a society we love to learn, teach, and participate in everything dealing with the time periods between 600-1600.  Thus my obsession with textiles began.  I started with sewing, moving to embroidery, spinning, dyeing, weaving, then graduated to ceramics, lampwork bead making, cooking, brewing… Oh so many hobbies!  I have trunks full of clothing,  more valuble than the house I live in, or the car I drive.

With the birth of our daughter in late 2010, I transfered all my artistic energies into making a wardrobe for her!  It started with our maternity photos… And encouraged by our photographer (the wonderful Christine Kozlik of www.dovephotos.com), I made her newborn photography props.   Not long after, my Etsy shop graduated from supplying lampwork beads to unique photography props.  I also started my own children’s clothing line, named Bum-Envy, specifically designed to fit the cloth diapered bum.   Soon I was encouraged to look locally, and  started selling some of my clothing line in  a local boutique (thanks to April of www.sugabugkids.com), and a few lucky others throughout the southeast.  Almost 9 months after I started selling my Bum-Envy line on Etsy, it was picked up for national retail through www.attitudepie.com, and a life long dream of working from home is a budding reality.

Now you may ask, what do you do Ursula, when you are not sewing?  I work part time as a dental assistant.  Simple as that. Luckily my transition from full time, to part time with the birth of our daughter, has allowed me the time to pursue my dream.   So next time you go to the dentist you can wonder at the secret life of the assistant helping you out ;).

I put this Blog together as a place to share my passion for all kinds of textiles, arts and crafts.  Please check back often to see what’s been added!


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