Hello, and Howdie-do

Sorry it’s been a tad bit of time since I last graced the pages of Valkyries Rest, let’s just say things have been happening and has left little time for blogging.  But as a “second half of the year” revised goal, I have decided to pick up the proverbial quill and jot down some of the joy and happenings!

So while we are on the subject of goals.  Do YOU set yearly goals?  What do you do once you’ve reached them?  Every new year, by the end of January I decide on a minimum of 5 yearly goals- personal and professional; write them down and tape them to the back of the calendar.  Then on New Years I open them back up and review.  Well this year, I have had to revise those goals, because 4- out- of- 5 have already been reached.   SOOOOOOO, it’s time for the semi-annual cleanup, so to speak.   And to set broader goals, it seems.

You will notice to the right ————–> of the screen there are a couple new buttons to press.  Go ahead, I know you want to, Press them… this post will be here when you return.

Buttons pressed? good, welcome back.  Those are my TWO stores for Ursula’s Handmade Treasures! I am so excited.  Granted Etsy has been good to me, and I enjoy their format, but it has become too simple and I’d like to diversify.  What are your thoughts?  I love hearing feedback (especially constructive… I delete negative Nellies) and advice.  I have learned over the last 3 years that networking really does have its benefits, as long as you know how to “weed your garden”.

Okay, enough rambling.  Off to finish some more wings and attempt to put together a sales plan for my upcoming art fair booths (yup, Ursula’s Handmade Treasures is officially making their physical debut in October 2012).  Toodles.

Just a sample of a previous custom order. Awesome huh?!


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