A girl could use some input!

As some of you may remember I am slowly building up my new wardrobe with awesome retro inspired pieces.  After the birth of my absolutely adorable daughter, almost two years ago, I find that my “go to” outfits are still my favorite maternity shorts/skirts/t-shirts.  This has just got to change.  As I find pieces in retail stores I pick them up (you should see the bohemian flair pants I picked up), but I also enjoy having things hand made.   Last winter I commissioned a wonderful pull over hoodie, I love it, and I just recently added a long winter jacket (humboldt fog) to my stash.  So my winter outer gear is essentially set.

Currently on my work table is a 50’s inspired day dress, think Katherine Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe, complete with petticoat.  Beside that is a hand-dyed long mermaid skirt made from organic cotton knit, just waiting for the perfect caftan shirt to go with it.  But right now that’s where my inspiration stops and my need for input (from you my dear friends, fans, and family) comes in.

Currently I am an american size 14/16, hourglass.  So keep this in mind with your suggestions… but I would LOVE to hear from you ideas on what to make next.  What eras do you like?  What pieces from your own past were/are your favorites?  Please help!


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