Ursula’s Customer Appreciation Giveaway

That’s right, it is time for my customer appreciation giveaway.  Ursula’s Handmade Treasures has turned into more than just a hobby.  My wonderful customers inspire and challenge me, adding more to our little business than they will ever truly know.  Not only does the revenue generated from my “little” business help expand all the wonderful fabrics, supplies, and patterns we get to offer, it also helps our little family in today’s tough economy.  Sometimes, the sale we made the night before pays for groceries the next day.

So as a thank you, and to encourage all my wonderful customers to show off their little ones, I am arranging this giveaway:  the winner will receive 1 (one) complete outfit of their choice made for their child, choosing from the fabrics we have in stock, delivered in-time for the upcoming holiday season.  This giveaway is open to ALL my customers, domestic or international.

Who is eligible and how to enter:

Who is eligible:  any customer who has purchased an item made by Ursula’s Handmade Treasures, either through Facebook, email, Etsy, BigCartel, or SugaBugs LLC.

How to Enter:

1.  On facebook fan page simply post a picture of your little one wearing (or cuddling) the item purchased from Ursula’s Handmade Treasures.

* Professional photographs are welcome, but must contain the watermark of the photographer.

* Professional photographers are welcome to join in, as long as the model is your relation!

2.  Once it is posted on the fan page wall, I will assign a number to your post.   You have the entire month of October to enter!  You may enter more than one photo, but they must contain different products purchased… ie: one of your little one cuddling their mermaid doll, and another photo of them running around in their petti-pants.

3.  November 1st I will use Random.org to select a winner.  That’s it!

Have fun and enjoy showing off all that cuteness!  Please email me with any questions.


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