Learn to make glass beads, lampwork classes.

As many of you know I enjoy the art of glass bead making, specifically lampworking with Efetri and Moretti glass.  These are considered softer glass that can easily be manipulated with a simple torch set up, and annealed in a kiln.  But don’t be fooled into thinking they are just for the basics, some amazing art has been created with them.  Art that has lasted centuries.

In the past I have hosted “intro glass parties” in my small studio.  Each person was walked through the basics of winding glass onto a Mandrel (bead hole form), how to do simple designs and everyone walked away with a couple beads they proudly made.   Due to popular inquiry, I am in the process of setting up some more structured classes for those interested.

Each class will have 1-2 students, preferably 1 but sometimes couples want to take part together.  This allows for increased time spent on the torch, and for direct instruction.   There will be approximately 1 hour of direct instruction, 1 hour of directed hands on lab time, and then torch time afterwards.  This allows the student to “play” with the torch, and not have to worry about time restrictions.  Everything is supplied in studio, so the student just has to bring themselves and a willingness to experiment.

Due to the annealing process beads will not be available for atleast 24 hours.

Currently all studio time will be scheduled in the evenings due to the weather.  In cooler months studio times will open up during the day.

Introduction to beads: this is for those who have absolutely NO EXPERIENCE AT ALL with bead making or all the equipment.  This is a prerequisit to determine if beadmaking is for you!

$10:   Studio fee includes 1 hour instruction time, studio supplies, glass, and propane

Beginners Galore:  This class is specifically geared towards the foundations of beadmaking.  Learning how to correctly lay down the glass on your mandrel, consistently and with confidence.  How to make the different shapes of foundation beads. Applying layers of colors and basic designs.  How to use fun accessories to make the glass do different shapes.

$150:   3- classes that build on each other. The Studio fee includes all instruction time, studio supplies, glass, and propane.

Moving on to Fancy stringers, Reactive glass, and Millifori:  This class is designed to build off of all the skills learned and practiced in the Beginners Galore.  We will move on from the placement of dots and lines, adding in handpulled millifori and fancy stringers.  We will learn how different glass reacts with each other, as well as how to work with specifically designed reactive glass.  In these classes the art of encasing will also be mastered.  If you have prior bead making experiece and are confident in the basic skills you can opt to take this class without the beginners Galore.

$200: 4-classes that build on each other. The studio fee includes all instruction time, studio supplies, glass and propane.

As students progress other classes will be added: sculptural beads, off mandrel technique, etc.

On top of the on going classes listed above, I will be holding Beadmaking “intensives” .  These will be held on weekends only, and will run a full day.  They will include a fun potluck lunch and lots of time to go through my library of resources.  This will also give all the new beadmaking fanatics a chance to join up and share their passion with others who are addicted.

All intensives are separate from the classes, but require a basic knowledge of how to work with glass.  They will have a flat fee, based on the materials needed for that day.

Stacked and Unstacked: the art of working with dimension.  How to control your heat dispersion to maintain highlands and lowlands.

Stringer me this?: The use of solid hand pulled stringers to regulate glass flow.

They did that over a fire pit?:  Glass beads were made by the Egyptians, Vikings, Italians… all over a simple pit.  Learn how different patterns were achieved using historical techniques.  Open discussion on forms yet deciphered.  Historical glass colors, combinations, and the clergy.

Open Torch Time:  Just want time to spend at the torch?  Feel like beading and practicing the techniques you learned in the last class or  watched on You-tube the night before. Scheduled torch time.  With access to discussions.  $20 an hour.

Please email me either at ursulaglassgoddess@gmail.com, or contact me directly through facebook if you have any questions or would like to schedule a class!  I look forward to sharing my art with you!

I have large hole mandrels, these are used to make beads that fit on Pandora, Troll, or other European style chains.

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